-Eye & Heart Care
     -Omega-3 Fish Oil
     -Essential Multivitamins
     -Immune Care Vitamin C with Zinc
     -Vitamin E
     -Serenity AM & PM

     - Hepacare for Liver Care
     - Joint Care (Bones & Joints)
     - GlucoFix
     - Reducol for Cholesterol
     - Internal Releif-Colon Health
     - Memory and Alertness

     -Hoodias Slim Max

     -Encore for Menopausal Releif

     -Saw Palmetto for Prostate Health

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      Established in 1991, Hearts of Herbs markets the most effective herbal supplements. With its vast field of specialties, Hearts of Herbs formulates its supplements based on the lastest scientific research it performs. The ingredients are all natural and active. No additives, fillers or preservatives are added to ensure herbal function at its full potential. All products are lab tested for potency as raw materials, intermediate products and final capsules. Helping our customers regain their health naturally is our priority.

Rhodiola enhances fitness and well-being under stressful conditions

"Clinical study showed that an extract of Rhodiola rosea enhanced physical fitness, improved neuro-motor test responses, reduced mental fatigue, and improved general well being in a group of healthy foreign medical students undergoing a stressful exam period. The 40 study participants,..."



Diabacare, one of our strongest products, is one of the best natural remedies for people suffering from diabetes. Formulated with 200mg per Dos Alpha Lipoic Acid, it supports pancreatic functions and helps carbohydrates metabolism working well for Type I and Type II diabetics...

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