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GlucoFix is formulated with 200mg per Dos Alpha Lipoic Acid. It helps support pancreatic health and with bitter melon helps maintain healthy carbohydrate metabolism. No additives or fillers.
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Many viral and chemical poisons in our diet and air are filtered everyday through our liver, causing it to be weak and our body to feel sick and sluggish. Milk thistle with strong antioxidants such as non-acidic Vitamin C and lycopene in this product tune our liver and strengthen our immune system. It is formulated with Co-Enzyme Q-10 and all active herbal ingredients that promote liver care and health. Take Hepacare regularly and enjoy a healthy joyful life.

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Jointfix includes all active ingredients such as Chondritin and Glucosamine. Jointfix contains potent high quality Glucosamine and MSM, providing Sulfur which acts as a glue for cartilage.
$29.99-120 Capsules


OsteoFix is formulated with Organic Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc & Manganese. Made especially to fight Osteoporosis and helps retain strong bones & teeth.
$19.99-90 Capsules

Reducol (Cholesterol)
Reducol is the natural answer to maintaining a healthy cholesterol level. It helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels with Guggul and Co Q-10 (in individuals with normal levels) and supports circulatory health and a great herbal alternative to heart and blood care.
$29.99-60 Capsules, $39.99-90 Capsules

SAM-e (200mg)
Also known as s-adenosyl-methionine, SAM-e is a natural substance present in most human cells. It provides methionine, an important amino acid that helps in bridging connection of brain cells and known to be effective against depressive moods. It also provides Sulfur which acts as a glue for cartilage and promotes joint comfort. SAM-e also supports liver health and maintains mood stability. It is sold in Europe by prescription and in the US as a supplement. SAM-e tablets are Enteric Coated for stomach protection.
$39.99-90 Capsules $54.99-120 Capsules $79.99-180 Capsules

Internal Relief

Internal Refief is a gentle formula that aids in restoring natural excretion. It also helps relieve bloating discomfort and reinstate natural colon function with the herbal Cascara Sagrada Formula.
$19.99-30 Capsules

Retrieve (With Lithetin)
Herbal extracts in this formula activate peripheral blood circulation thereby enhancing blood flow to arms, legs & brain. Retrieve for memory works to enhance mental alertness & increase blood Flow. Formulated with arginine, for an energy boost and lithium/ gingko biloba for memory and cognitive efficiency. The B Vitamins work to improve the state of our well being.
$19.99-30 Capsules

Activa enhances mental alertness & increases blood flow. Herbal extracts in this formula activate our peripheral blood circulation thereby enhancing blood flow to arms, legs & brain. Activa includes a blend of gingko biloba leaves and extract for maximum absorption
$19.99-30 Capsules

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